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Gloria// March 19, 2010     5:19am EST                       

You answered the call to serve your country in uniform, now we need you to answer it again and lead us. I don't feel you'll be ready to run in 2012, but you will in 2016, and that's when we'll need you the most. The President has some good ideas and plans for us for now, but he'll need help after he does his 8 year hitch to continue them. I know he's a Dem and you're a Rep, but, in this case, it doesn't matter. You both want what is right for our country, and our people.

Norman// March 14, 2010     11:29am EST                       

For my vacation reading, I picked Mr. Powell's autobiography.  Half way through, I began to wonder why this individual of such natural leadership talent, combined with unbelievable courage, added to considerable experience in Washington, isn't our President.  Please, Mr. Powell, consider running.  This conservative Republican would happily support you over any of the other candidates currently on the horizon. ... Norman Snyder

Peter Jennison// March 12, 2010     11:21pm EST                       

I’m writing you to beg that you do whatever possible to stop this Socialist movement taking place in Washington. Please, please speak out against profligate spending, huge deficits, the resultant high tax rates and the rank vote buying Obama and his machine is doing. I don’t need to tell you what it will mean to the country if Obama continues to have his way.

Debbie// March 11 , 2010     6:45pm EST                       

My name is Debbie Morgan, Esq. and I am an attorney in New Jersey and a graduate of the Pre-Legal Program at Seton Hall University in New Jersey.  I am writing to extend an invitation to General Colin Powell to speak at our 30th anniversary dinner to be held in June 2010. The Pre-Legal Program was the brainchild of Brenda Saunders-Hampton, a professor of law at Seton Hall Law school.   For thirty (30) years, Professor Saunders traveled weekly from North Carolina to New Jersey to spearhead the program aimed at providing much needed direction and financial support to disadvantages college students, who later went on to graduate from law schools and other institutions of higher learning.  Today, countless graduates of the program serve their communities and seek to enrich the lives of others. We view General Powell as a beacon of light to the world and warmly extend this invitation to him to join us in celebrating our 3th anniversary and in providing us with some insight as we march forward.

Ex-Navy Girl// February 28, 2010     1:47am EST                         

Although extremely disappointed in your endorsement of Obama, I understand the importance to this country to have a black man as president. Unfortunately, Obama is just a black man, not a president.  That president should have been YOU and could have happened long ago.  Not because of your color, but because there are many of us who believe that you are the last MAN with any honor, integrity, and wisdom left. ( John McCain too for me)  Unfortunately, people voting for a man based on HOPE and the color of his skin is not a way to push this country forward.  It was a way to continue to divide people by race instead of by content of character.  Obama in my opinion was the worst thing that could have ever happened to this country. 

Bevog// February 17, 2010                1:59am EST                       

Your contributions to our Country during your military career are greatly appreciated and something I admire tremendously. To selflessly put Country ahead of self is a sacrifice very few can fulfill, including myself. However, military success does not automatically translate into political success, just as a great athlete does not always make a great coach. With this in mind, I find your passive "Monday morning qb" approach to politics unfulfilling and somewhat cowardly. I'd like to support your political efforts, but I'm not sure where you stand. Your contributions are too infrequent and are mostly just responses, no original ideas/solutions. As we would say in Texas, it's time to poop or get off the pot! So come on Gen. Powell, show me that you are really interested in political service (and maybe I will take you seriously).

JamcnMa// February 14, 2010     7:23pm EST                       

 Mr. Powell is a gentleman with integrity, morals, and ethics. These and other leadership traits, run within his veins.  Mr. Limbaugh & other political leaders should take lessons from Mr. Powell and demonstrate character within our society.  Be a gentleman and show respect for a fellow American.

Charlie Brown// February 12, 2010     11:51pm EST                       

He lied to the world at the United Nations on IRAQ WOMD. That was his chance to be a leader; he blew it like a fart after eating White Castle hamburgers. This led to Bush bankrupting the US and Russia distancing us.  Good Grief Charlie Brown.     

Judy// February 10, 2010     4:21pm EST                                         

I would like to send information to General Powell to secure his support for Team Rubicon, a new concept for the rapid deployment of medical and emergency personnel for disasters -- to bridge the critical gap of time between a calamitous worldwide event and the often dangerously slow response of traditional humanitarian relief organizations. Can you provide me with an address for him, please? Team Rubicon is an idea conceived and executed by a group of decorated combat veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two of these veterans, both former Marines, Iowa native, Jake Wood, 26, and Texas native, Clay Hunt, 27, are currently in Washington, D.C., as part of the IAVA delegation for STORM THE HILL [ ] If General Powell is in Washington this week, both of these remarkable young men are walking the halls of Congress to encourage votes for upcoming veteran legislation. Jake Wood can be reached on his cell phone: 608 4xx 4551. Rebuffed by many larger organizations when several of them called to offer their services, the volunteers of Team Rubicon formed in response to a Facebook message posted by Jake: "I'm going to Haiti. Who's in?" Within hours, the first unit of Team Rubicon was in place: paramedics, doctors, nurses, even a Jesuit brother. Most former military. Some friends. Many strangers. Within three days, Team Rubicon was on the ground, in country, through the Dominican Republic, with two units, Alpha and Bravo, and over $200,000 in money and supplies, including an exclusive donation of Dermafill, the dressing of choice for Special Forces in combat, courtesy of a disabled vet and former Army medic, Zak Beck, who owns the distributor, Chasing Lions, Inc in Chicago. Within two weeks, the self-funded group had provided medical aid to almost 2000 Haitians, saving lives with surgery and amputations, and saving livelihoods by repairing crushed, broken, and infected fingers, hands, arms, and legs. Almost six days before any of the larger organizations arrived. To read the story of Team Rubicon and how the idea rose from the rubble of the Haitian earthquake, propelled by the speed of the Internet, I recommend perusing their website: . Now certified as a non-profit, Team Rubicon is currently preparing for its next deployment, whenever and wherever in the world that may be. Except that my stepmother, Virginia Robinson, went to Smith with Sally Schwarzkopf and says she used to call her brother, Normy, I have no names to drop or powerful connections to call upon. But, I do know a good idea. And I believe Team Rubicon deserves General Powell's consideration.

DeeDee// December 8, 2009     3:22am EST                                            

Sir, as a military person myself (retired), I USED to think you were uniquely qualified to run this country.  That is, until you came out in support of Obama.  All of the military who respected you were shocked and saddened by this move and couldn't imagine what prompted it.  I hope you have had a chance to re-think your position.  So many people would have followed you to the ends of the earth, Sir.


Tom Hopkins// September 29, 2009     9:32pm EST                               

Please run for president, everyone else talks about it but you are the on uniquely qualified to lead this country. I am not sure whay you didn't run earlier, i suspect family and all the crap you need to go through but you are the smartest most in tuned needed american to leed this country in a truly desperate time. Never been part of politics but would be part of your campaign

alindberghg// August 28, 2009     9:58pm EST                                         

mr powell, i believe you are uniquely qualified to lead this country.  you possess an integrity and wisdom that is lost in todays "limbaugh/fox news" sensationalism.  what this country needs above all else is REAL LEADERSHIP! although i am nothing more than a simple american citizen who (unfortunately) never served in a military capacity, i still feel it is my duty to speak out. please continue to serve your country and i will be willing to do what i can to help your leadership!


thanks again.


c. lindbergh gore jr


amgoldnv// August 2, 2009     6:22pm EST                                              


don// July 29,2009    4:32am EST                                                                

I am sorry Mr. Powell, but you lost all credibility when you played your key role in starting the war in Iraq.  I am sure you made many significant contributions to our nation over the years, but you screwed up in a really big way.  Please go away.  It is time now for others to have their try.

BPolhamius // July 28, 2009     9:47pm EST                                            

Dear Sir: I appreciate greatly your integrity, despite our being in different political parties. I respect you and just want to tell you your words on the Gates/Crowley incident were perfect. Adult supervision indeed! I love it. Sincerely, B Polhamius Santa Cruz CA

colobamas // July 26, 2009 10:22pm EST                             

Look, it's an all volunteer force, Obama complained.  Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn't compute.  I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country, Obama continued.  I wasn't asking for blood, just money.  With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation's deficit.  I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.

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